Why Choose Online Video?

TV is so last century. Just as telly killed the wireless, internet is killing the telly. Video advertising is no longer the reserve of television; it has evolved and escaped to the realm of cyberspace, where it stands alone, unhindered by competition, scheduling or budget-burning costs.

But why? For starters, video is the most effective form of selling an idea to a vast audience. Put that together with the internet – a medium so large and unrestricted it can reach a potential audience of roughly 1.5 billion people – and you have the ultimate marketing tool: online video.

Within the next 12 months, 80% of all companies that generate business from their websites will feature a video explaining their product or service. Video is pliable – it can be used in many forms: a traditional advert, interview, pitch, demonstration, testimonial – the list is endless.

What's more, it's cost-effective too. Advertising through online video is proven to have a very high return on investment (ROI). No airtime charges; no regulation. Online broadcasting is 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.

Startuptv is a medium which has already won the support and acclaim of high-profile entrepreneurs, businesses and government agencies alike. It is the only website dedicated to both the plight of small business and online video, giving start-ups and SMEs a chance to create their own branded business channel and promote their products and services like never before – directly to other aspiring and developing companies.

Startuptv can professionalise the image of your company and expose it to a growing community of entrepreneurs and business owners. But why just stop at standalone videos? Why not create a business channel? It will become your online sales brochure, generate more business and give you an edge over the competition. Use video to your advantage, think outside the box, because this isn't television any more – use your videos as testimonials, blogs, diaries, seminars or tutorials.

In these recessional times, it was only appropriate to allow users to browse and upload standalone videos absolutely free-of-charge. Likewise, our price-plan packages come at recession-defying prices.

By choosing Startuptv, you join the largest community of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the UK. Startuptv is partnered with the Prysm Group and its affiliate companies: Startup Community; Startup Overseas; Franchise Expo; the Franchise Show; Business Startup; the Business Opportunity Show. The Prysm Group produces, owns and manages the UK's most effective small business exhibitions and online media opportunities.

Step into 21st Century marketing with Startuptv.

Producing A Video For You

If you haven't already got a promotional video, or aren't confident making one yourself, then let us do the hard work. Our team of professional producers and editors will make a video tailored to your needs. On location in London (or at a place of you choosing for a small additional fee), we can help you plan, script, film and edit a professional advert, interview, pitch, testimonial, blog, or any other form of video.

Prices vary depending on the type and length of video, but all are treated with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Startuptv is happy to help you decide which video is right for your business, and also how to work within your budget effectively. We can also help you meet marketing objectives and configure which video will help you increase sales – quickly.

Videos are subsequently viewable on Startuptv for the duration of your subscription, and can be embedded on any other of your business mediums, such as websites, newsletters, e-mails, blogs, etc.

Startuptv is dedicated to hosting only the best business videos on the web, helping to maintain both the high standards of its users and the website itself. Videos created by Startuptv remain under its sole ownership.

Get in touch today and let Startuptv bring your business into the spotlight.