How to make a video

Why Make A Video?

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Making A Video

You may decide to make a video without the help of Startuptv.co.uk. If so, then here are a few tips to ensure you maximise its effectiveness and professionalism.

First, decide if you want a script. Some people find it easier to ad lib, whereas others will feel less comfortable. Of course, speaking spontaneously will give your video a feel of naturalism and excitement, but it isn't for everyone. If you decide to use a script, try to make it as simple as possible. There is nothing worse than seeing people trying to remember or stumbling over words. Use bullet points to start off, then add text if needed. Bullet points will help keep your information simple, because you won't want to overwhelm the viewer with too much detail.

Don't rely on the camera's microphone. Spending a little money on professional equipment will pay off in the long term. Invest in a wireless microphone (lavaliere), which will vastly improve the quality of your sound.

Lighting is also vital to a professional looking video. Refrain from shooting against windows or relying on natural light. Position yourself against dark background and have a light pointing directly at the subject. There cannot be enough emphasis put of the proper use of lighting.

Use a clean background and refrain from shooting against walls. Use an effective backdrop, maybe something with your company logo for a professional finish. Some people opt to use a green screen, which is then used to superimpose a background. Have a play around and see what works for your type of video.

Framing is imperative. You don't have to be a director to know that a subject is off-centre or poorly framed. Beware of leaving too much headroom. The basic principle is a head-and-shoulders shot. Take a look at some of the videos on the Startuptv.co.uk for idea about framing.

Away from actual scripting, the objective of your overall video is to get a message across concisely and effectively. Ideally, you want a call-to-action to wrap-up. The wonder of video communication is being able to deliver your message the way it was intended to be seen and heard. It is your chance to motivate and compel a viewer to use a product or service, so make sure you use the medium to its utmost potential.